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- Healer @home the "buy consumables" is either broken or needs a message of some sort and maybe make it where the "restore stats" isn't only donor+ thats kinda lame

- Theres hella lag that would be a nice fix(lag is better now but still rough maybe lower the custom map usage like make home a little smaller)

- Better loot out of the chest I've forged like 31 keys and have gotten shit

- PVM boxes could use some work

- a ::drop(s) would be a nice addition to see what monsters drop the examine looks a little half assed (no offense)

- for the tier bosses maybe you could do something like example:
"You must kill at least 100 Clobes before you can move to Prostex" something around them lines

- I understand you need donations to keep server afloat but try to make the game a little less pay-to-win like add more content to f2p players

- The pvp achievements IMO are awful ever server has them and there just stupid theres not nearly enough players to pvp also the server is like 97% customs but yet cant enter wildy with custom shit on so conclusion remove the pvp achievements

- Maybe when you pick up rival coins/rival bucks they auto put in money pouch

- the other rooms @home could possible add more shit or shrink them down unnecessary amount of wasted space atm

- The Christmas boxes @thieving do not work

- Skills:
Runecrafting - add swarms or whatever to siphon off makes rcing a little afkable but make them hit you or they die or whatever after a few siphons
Thieving - I mentioned above they don't work
Hunter - Not sure of atm ill look more into it soon
Thats it for skills atm may add more if needed but i think the rest of skills are fine would be nice to see more skills such as "Dung" maybe or a custom "Construction" or what osrs was trying to add "warding" that would be cool

- If Dung is added add charming imp and remove the charms from shop will make summoning a higher achievement

- A few more minigames would be cool

- Maybe some mini random events

- A Spot on forums to put "Suggestions" lol

- Addition to the hunter skill:
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- Revamp torva mystery boxes by adding... Camoflague torvas, burst, Into them. (Braydan)

- Add agility brawler gloves to prestige shop (Shitcake)

- Inferno adze needs a fix so it can actually burn logs whilst woodcutting. (Braydan)

- In afk skilling stores... Fishing helps mining. Mining helps wcing. So wcing should help all or fishing. Soo... (Braydan)

In the afk wcing store:
"Combination gem"
This item allows you to combine skiling items (from afk stores) together.
For example: Money Pickaxe + Health pickaxe for "Wealthy Pickaxe". Giving both the pickaxe boosts.

"Quick net" which fishes fisheys quicker in the afk pond.
"Double net" which at a 25% chance can give 2 fish per pull rather than 1.
"Strength Net" which after every 5k fish obtained, give a permanent +5 str boost. (Capping at 125). (Braydan)

- Melee bosses (Diablo\HeartWrenher) dont drop melee gear? (Braydan)

- If one of the Duo slayer partners extend the task make the extended task affect both of the players (Xtremeg0d)

- fix hunter skills, xp drops show construction and i have 90 hunter but it still says 1/1 (X Blessed)

- Fix the AFK Mining to where it gives exp atm gives 2xp....

- Fix the AFK Woodcutting the master axe equips to the helm spot and when you go to chop at the dream tree it says "you do not have an axe to chop it"

- Deluxe donors + Get ';;totask' command, which teleports the player to their task (Braydan)

- Change to color to more readable included with the like kc to idk RED maybe or another bright darkish color
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- Add some sorta drops to "Skeletal Dragons" such as "Dragon Bones" or even a custom item such as "Skeletal Bones"

- Buff the "Elemental Whips" there not very good and the beasts don't drop anything but 1 Rival Buck so its not like crashing the eco at all

- Fix yell's there ugly in my opinion
Show ContentYell's:

- When you pick up Rival Bucks it adds them to your money pouch BUTTTTTT if you have rival bucks in your inventory it deletes how ever many you picked up

- When you click on "Select Slayer Master" and click "Elite Slayer Master" a game message pops up "You currently have ### PK Points." Don't think that belongs there.

- Bury 2.5k bones should also count when bones are used on altars. (Braydan)

- Reach 99 in all skills achievement should switch with enter prestige zone.

- X3/4 xp rings should be in donor or store.

- Donor point store needs revamping with item prices.

- Ring of riches needs to be more dr than regular ring of wealth

- Ring of wealth (i) should give dr boosts more than ring of wealth (Braydan)

I believe thats all i have atm ill add more when needed hope this helps give you an idea on more server updates. Also if anyone has any other suggestions feel free to post them below I can add them to the list or you can just start your own thread it helps the Owner(s)/Developer(s) with ideas on how to improve the server and have the server grow


**(Player Who Suggested)**

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