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Pet Guide


Training zone
Morty Pet: cosmatic pet
Rick Pet: works as bonecrusher , working in all zone but not in training zone
MewTwo Pet:1.25X pointzone points
Charmeleon Pet:1.50X pointzone points
Pointzone Dragon Pet:1.75X pointzone points
Rainbow Unicorn Pet:
Melee pet tier 1-6
American Torva Pet: provides 5% melee damage boost
Oreo Torva Pet: provides 10% melee damage boost
Sky Torva Pet: provides 15% melee damage boost
Darth Maul Torva Pet: provides 20% melee damage boost
Cash Torva Pet: provides 25% melee damage boost
Silver Torva Pet: provides 30% melee damage boost
Range pet tier 1-6
Clobe Pet: provides 5% range damage boost
Prostex Pet: provides 10% range damage boost
Redonex Pet: provides 15% range damage boost
Legion Pet: provides 20% range damage boost
Zarthyx Pet: provides 25% range damage boost
Rucord Pet: provides 30% range damage boost
Magic pet tier 1-6
Archus Pet: provides 5% magic damage boost
Raziel Pet: provides 10% magic damage boost
Gorg Pet: provides 15% magic damage boost
Harnan Pet: provides 20% magic damage boost
Landazar Pet: provides 25% magic damage boost
Xintor Pet: provides 30% magic damage boost
Camo Torva Pet: provides 3% droprate boost
Winter Torva Pet: provides 5% droprate boost
Bloodshot Torva Pet: provides 7% droprate boost
Rainbow Torva Pet: provides 9% droprate boost
Le’Fosh Pet: provides 11% droprate boost
Iktomi Pet: provides 13% droprate boost 
Vorago Pet:
Wilderness boss
Rival God Pet: provides 15% droprate boost
Special tele zone
Melee Groudon Pet:
Magic Groudon Pet:
Range Groudon Pet:
Crash Bandicoot Pet:

God war zone
EstPure’s Pet: provides 10% droprate boost and 10% range boost
Archie’s Pet: provides 10% droprate boost and 10% damage boost
Galar’s Pet:provides 10% droprate boost and 10% magic boost
Zanyte’s Pet:provides 10% droprate boost and 10% melee boost
Pet which get only from pet mystery box
Squirtle Pet: double loyality points
Sonic Pet: double prestige points
Homer Pet: Drop collector
Pikachu Pet: double slayer points
Lucario Pet: works as soulsplit

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