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Drop Table

I'm listing all NPC Drop tables Below
To find certain NPC drops, just ctrl+f for the NPC name

Melee NPC's:

Show ContentRick and Morty:

Show ContentAmerican Torva:

Show ContentOreo Torva:

Show ContentSky Torva:

Show ContentDarth Torva:

Show ContentCash Torva:

Show ContentSilver Torva:

Show ContentClobe:

Show ContentProstex:

Show ContentRedonex:

Show ContentLegion:

Show ContentZarthyx:

Show ContentRucord:

Show ContentArchus:

Show ContentRaziel:

Show ContentGorg:

Show ContentHarnan:

Show ContentLandazar:

Show ContentXintor:

Show ContentCamo Torva Boss:

Show ContentWinter Torva:

Show ContentBloodshot Torva:

Show ContentRainbow Torva:

Show ContentVortex King:

Show ContentZeus:

Show ContentZiva:

Show ContentVorago:

Show ContentLe'Fosh:

Show ContentIktomi:

Show ContentMelee Gourdon:

Show ContentRanged Gourdon:

Show ContentMagic Gourdon:

Show ContentMini Camo Torva:

Show ContentMini Winter Torva:

Show ContentMini Bloodshot Torva:

Show ContentMini Rainbow Torva:

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