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Donating Benefits Guide!

Donator Rank Benefits Guide

If you like this guide make sure to rate it and click the + symbol to give reputation to show you'd like me to continue with future guides (Also, post below with what guide(s) you would like to see me do next!).

Inside () = The command 

5% Drop Rate Increase (::drboost) 
Ability To Yell (::yell)
Access To Donor Zone
Exclusive Donor Boss
1.1x All In game Points
The Armor Is The Next Tier Up For Thieving Experience

Donator Mini-Boss: 

Camo 35,000 HP
Pet Drop 1:900
Armour Drop: 1:400

[Image: SxvbdUg.png]

Deluxe Donor($20):
All Of The Above
8% Drop Rate Increase (::drboost)
Deluxe Donor Zone
Deluxe Boss
(::Buff) Stats To 110
1.25x All In Game Points
Next Tier Of Armor For Thieving Experience

Donator Mini-Boss: 

Winter 27,500 HP
Pet Drop 1:1000
Armour Drop: 1:400

Donator Boss: 

45,000 HP
Pet Box 1:900
Mmbox/Torva-Box 1:600
x10 Mbox 1:400

[Image: 8G4Zrjh.png]

[Image: zdOulhY.png]

All Of The Above
12% Drop rate increase (::drboost)
Sponsor Zone
Sponsor Boss
(::Buff) Stats To 120
50% Less Prayer Drain
1.5x All In Game Points
Unlimited Access To Godwars(No Grinding Or Keys To Get In)

Donator Mini-Boss: 

Camo 35,000
Pet Drop 1:900
Armour Drop: 1:400

Winter 27,500
Pet Drop 1:1000
Armour Drop: 1:400
Bloodshot 50,000
Armour Drop: 1:400

Donator Boss: 

40,000 HP
Pet Box 1:800
Mmbox/Torva-Box 1:500
x10 Mbox 1:300

[Image: tqj1KL3.png]

[Image: JHl5shZ.png]

Super Sponsor($100):
All Of The Above
18% (::drboost)
Super Sponsor zone
Super sponsor boss
(::buff) Stats To 135
No Prayer Drain
No Items Lost On Death If Hardcore
2x All In Game Points

Donator Mini-Boss: 

Rainbow 70,000 HP
Pet Drop 1:1000
Armour Drop: 1:1000

Donator Boss: 

40,000 HP
Pet Box 1:500
Mmbox/Torva-Box 1:300
x10 Mbox 1:150

[Image: oOT3NX7.png]

[Image: jkRmbik.png]

Making some edits to this when i get home from work tonight. Post guides you would like to see, my next one is slayer.

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