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Staff Application

As the Server grows, Rival will be in need of more people to help us moderate the game. Please use this thread as a template and let us know why you should be considered as a Server Support, with the opportunity to progress up the chain. This will be a one week trial and we as a Staff Team, will decide on keeping permanent staff.

In game name - Kitten

Time zone - EST

Hours spent playing daily/weekly - I've been averaging 10 + hours a day.

Total hours played - 59 hours

What do you do outside of Rival? - I am carpenter, I also do coding and photography/editing on the side. (Computer Science Major)

Experience as staff on past servers/games? - I have owned my own server

Why should you be considered? (How do you impact this community) -

Currently, I'd consider myself the leader of the people. I have the most interaction with the community and the biggest affect on the economy.

I am very well liked by the community.

I have experience in coding, editing sprites, game testing(finding bugs and such), video making, guide making, Event Hosting, Economy Planning, and more.

I am dedicated and unbiased, it shows in game.

I am capable of filling multiple roles in the community at once, just let me know what you need.

I had a health incident with memory loss, so I am retaking Java currently, so my coding is a bit lacking for the time being, just wanted to be honest.

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