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Starter Guide

[Image: os8mtdg.png]

Select which game mode you like to play.
I recommend going for Hardcore since it gives alot of benefits.
- 5% Droprate bonus.
- x1.4 Rival points.
- x1.4 Vote points.
- x1.4 Slayer points.
-1.4 Prestige points.
These will stack with other ranks & items such as donor & ROW.

[Image: dlpaz5qq8j.2.jpg]

Reminder:  ::vote daily to save for the boxes/drop collector/silver,gold chain 

 or sell the votes for 45b ea.

[Image: sh203qqth908.7.jpg]

 Teleport to the traning island. 

Kill some Rick or morty & take all the bones and cash. 

Keep killing them until you get a Silver,gold, or red vamp sword & defender.
If you got the Rick pet drop summon it cause it will work as a bonecrusher.

[Image: c5ysgyuz7gbf.3.jpg] [Image: dde48tepyp7z.4.jpg]

When you got a
prayer level of 43 you can move to other zone.

Click on the Point zone and kill Mewtwo till you got 900Rivalpoints.
For the dragon claws offhand.

[Image: gq7pyvl.png]

You can now choose if you wanna be a melee, mage or ranger.

[Image: b05qhvhwmme.5.jpg] [Image: ln767kg01xsws.6.jpg]

Or you can start slayer and let them decide.
For starting slayer click on the icon - select the beginner master.

And save for Ring of wealth/Magma battleaxe & shield or slayer armour.

[Image: 8gsoefp.2.jpg]

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Great guide my friend Smile

Thank you for the guide, I hope it will help our new players Smile

Great guide! Helpful, thanks for making this! Big Grin

Great guide man [Image: biggrin.png]

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